Women in Tech: Share the Journey

Tuesday 24 September, 2013

Codess Tallinn is one in a series of Codess events around Europe, sponsored by Skype.  Codess is traditionally an engineering forum for women at all levels.  We have organized events in Tallinn, Prague and Stockholm, with events coming up in London, Redmond and Romania over the next few months.

To continue the success of our previous Codess event in Tallinn, come join us for our second event on the 24th September.

Gender diversity in the field of engineering continues to draw international attention.  For a long time, engineering has been perceived as a male dominated area, with women active in these areas often treated as exceptions. We feel women need a voice too.

What? Through meeting with other women in engineering you will get a chance to network and exchange experiences of being a woman in a male dominated environment. We will also have three talks from our speakers and later will have a chance to socialise over drinks and nibbles.

Why? CODESS supports the increase of diversity in the engineering field. We feel it is important to have a forum for women to share their personal experiences in climbing the engineering career ladder, giving advice on what knowledge they have gained with the opportunity to share and learn from one another. You will walk away from CODESS with useful suggestions to improve yourself and fast track your career within engineering.

If you enjoy the feeling of sparking neurons and would like to spend the evening with like-minded women, then we’d love to see you on Tuesday 24th September at 18:00 at Skype Tallinn.  Expect refreshments, giveaways, networking and discussions presented from handpicked engineers as well as some surprise activities. 

Many thanks, 

Codess Team


Karen Hamber

Program Manager - Microsoft UK

Currently responsible for the Skype purchase experience (“Checkout”) both on the web and in-client, Karen is a Program Manager in the Commerce portfolio group.
After graduating in Business Information Technology from the University of New South Wales Karen worked in project management for European Computer Telecoms based in Munich. From there her next career challenge took her to Bhubaneswar, India where she worked for NetHawk Networks doing R&D management.

Then she moved to Skype Tallinn (and subsequently London) where she has been involved in building & launching Skype Premium, redesigning the skype.com website and building a new purchase experience. 

Karen has said that she ‘loves using technical solutions to solve business problems.  My strengths lie in execution and getting things done – but it’s also important to ensure we do the right thing!”

Outside of work, Karen enjoys outdoor activities; swimming, biking, running (individually or one after the other), skiing in winter (cross-country, ski touring and alpine) and tennis.

Maarja Kruusmaa

Robotics Professor, TTU & Co-founder - Fits.me

My name is Maarja Kruusmaa and I am a robotics professor in Tallinn University of Technology. I was educated as a computer engineer and after that I became interested in robotics and I decided to start my doctoral studies in Sweden. I investigated how robots could learn to survive in their surroundings and I developed and implemented robot learning algorithms for robots that have to move around in an unknown environment.

After that, I decided to return to Estonia because I saw here opportunities for making an impact and developing myself. I was one of the co-founders of start-up company Fits.me where I am still involved in developing robotic mannequins for online fitting rooms.  5 years ago I started Centre for Biorobotics in Tallinn University of Technology, where we do research and development on the borderline of biology and robotics. Our best known achievement so far is a robot that senses water flow similar to swimming fish.  Our team is interdisciplinary and comprises various disciplines from physics and mechanics to software development and we cooperate with a range of experts across Europe from biology to medical doctors to underwater archaeologists to create new solutions to their problems. Another recent outcome of our work is a start up KO! that has emerged from our cooperation with a textile designer Kärt Ojavee on developing bio-inspired smart textiles by combining textile technology with embedded hardware and software.

I work and live in Tallinn with my husband, 3 kids and a cat.

Kristel Viidik

Software Tester - Testlio

Kristel Viidik is a passionate software tester. She started testing 4 years ago when she was studying systems development in Estonian Information Technology College

At the moment she’s in Techstars with her company Testlio, which is building up a community of educated software test engineers that help companies test their mobile applications.


Time Event
18:00 - 18:30 Networking / Refreshments
18:30 - 19:00 Surprise Entertainment
19:00 - 19:30 Success in engineering, it's up to you
Karen Hamber - Program Manager, Microsoft UK
19:30 - 20:00 What's robotics all about and how I decided to work on the subject
Maarja Kruusmaa - Robotics Professor, TTU & Co-founder of Fits.me
20:00 - 20:15 Coffee Break
20:15 - 20:45 The journey of my startup Testlio – ups and downs
Kristel Viidik - Software Tester, Testlio
20:45 - 21:30 Socialise and drinks
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