ACM-W Europe and Codess Hackathon

Thursday 24 September, 2015

On Thursday 24th of September, we'll be bringing our Codess Hackathon to Uppsala in #Sweden, where our guests will be challenged to improve humanity through technology. Our attendees will have the chance to demonstrate their expertise and enthusiasm, develop their understanding of programming and enhance the daily lives of those using the Intel® Edison Development Board and the Intel IOT DevKit. Participants will be asked to form groups of approximately 5-6 persons, where they will build and implement their idea on Edison Boards before presenting to the judges.

Who can enter?

We wish to welcome all participants regardless of gender, occupation, age or experience level, and ultimately aim to establish a gender-even split. Please come along and spread the word!

How to Enter

Registration is free but participants must register in advance!
Participants will form small teams, consisting of varied occupations and skills. Once registered, participants can choose whether to lead a project or join someone else's project. 

Wish to lead a project? 
If you have a strong idea which you wish to lead, you will be able to update your portfolio in the weeks leading up to the Hackathon. To ensure you create buzz around your idea, make sure your project is visible to share with others! This way those who are interested in your concept will be able to request to join your team. 

Wish to support a project instead of leading it?
To join someone else’s project, simply click connect with the leader on that project and they will then be able to accept you to join their team.

If on the day, there are some participants who have not chosen a team, they will be able to listen to each group's pitch and make a decision as to which one they join.

Judging Criteria

Appropriateness to challenge (out of 40) 
• Does your entry address the challenge?

User Experience (out of 20)
• Will the entry be easy to use by non-technical users

Originality and Impact (out of 20)
• Have you provided an innovative solution with large-scale impact? How creative is your idea and approach to the solution

Technical difficulty and Functionality (out of 20)
• How well does your prototype work?


1) Each team will be provided with two Intel Edison boards and 2 Grove maker kits. Teams are encouraged to bring additional hardware for implementing their prototype.

2) Every team will need to give a 4 minute pitch at the end of the Hackathon with a minimum viable product that will be judged. Following this, you will have another 1 minute for questions from the judges.

3) There will be one winning team per challenge and every member of those teams will win a prize.

4) No coding prior to the Hackathon - you must resist the temptation!

 Full details of the event can be found here:




Time Event
08.30 - 9.00 Registration
09.00 - 10.30 Tutorials (Galileo Boards) and Team Forming
10.30 - 15.00 Work on ideas on Edison Boards
15.00 - 17.00 Demonstration of Ideas
17.00 Winners announced
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