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Friday 7 April, 2017


Lauren McGlinn

Software Engineer, Xbox Quality team - Microsoft

I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2015 with a degree in Computer Science Engineering (Go Blue!).  After going back and forth between engineering majors, I hesitantly decided on CS my sophomore year. That summer, I interned at Microsoft as an Explorer on the Xbox Live team.  It was an amazing experience where I was able to learn more about Microsoft and the different software engineering roles. This internship was what sold me on CS.  I loved it so much that I decided to come back the next summer for another internship (Dev).

Currently, I am a software developer on a quality team in Xbox. I’ve been at Microsoft for about 1.5 years. It’s a very exciting time to be a part of a data team and I love all of the features we are able to give our customers that are powered by data!

Outside of work one of my favorite things to do is play soccer.  When I’m not playing soccer, I’m probably running, skiing, or hiking around the beautiful PNW.  I also have two cats that keep me company and fill up my Snapchat story! Looking forward to meeting you!

Q Muhaimin

Software Engineer, Xbox team - Microsoft

In West Philadelphia born and raised.... Hi, I'm Q, a software engineer on the Xbox Platform team (Gamertag: AotsukiHime). I did an explorer internship at Microsoft in 2013, a Software Developer internship in 2014, and joined full-time after I graduated from Howard University in 2015 with a degree in Computer Science. I have been full time with the Xbox team for almost 2 years and have loved being a part of the gaming industry. In my free time, I am an amateur kickboxer and weightlifter, lover of games, both board and video, and avid Philadelphia Eagles fan.  I also have the most adorable baby sister.  Look forward to meeting you all 😊 Talk to me about music or nerdy things!

Michelle Hochman

Software Engineer, Outlook Client team - Microsoft

Hey! I’m Michelle, a Software Engineer at Microsoft. I graduated in 2015 from Binghamton University, a state school in New York, with degrees in both Computer Science and Math. I originally wanted to become a Graphic Designer, before realizing that my passion was in the computers, not the art. I didn’t even know what computer science was until someone explained it to me in my CS101 class in college. And somehow, here I am, loving every (mostly) second of it.

I’ve been at Microsoft for a year and a half, and could not be happier. I first interned at Microsoft after my junior year of college. After graduating, I joined the Outlook Desktop team full time, where I develop new features for one of the most used desktop email clients in the world. I’m also an interviewer for my team, and get to recruit great minds like yours!

Outside of work I enjoying snowboarding, playing the guitar, and building websites. One of the reasons I love Seattle so much is its amazing mountains, good for both snowboarding and hiking, along with the beautiful surrounding waters, great for boating in the summer. Add on the variety of food and the music festivals, and you’ll realize this city really does have it all!

Temi Moju-Igbene

Program Manager, Hololens - Microsoft

Computer science wasn’t always my end goal. I wanted to be a forensic scientist, then a doctor, but finally landed on Electrical Engineering. Once I took my first computer science class, I knew I needed more! I ended up graduating in 2013 from the University of Virginia with degrees in both electrical engineering and computer engineering.

My journey at Microsoft has been pretty similar. I’ve had the opportunity to explore different roles and teams. I interned as a PM in the summer of 2012, then returned to Microsoft to join the MACH (Microsoft Academy of College Hires) rotation program. For two years I got to work in different roles,  finally settling into a Program Manager role within User Experience IT. Creating great experiences has always been a driving force for me so when a PM position in Hololens Experiences opened up, I was on it! Now I get to work on creating great experiences for the future.

When I’m not at work, I’m probably playing with food. Seattle has a vast selection of food options and I’m never at a loss of restaurants to try or ingredients to experiment with. I eat, I cook and I write about food.

Nini Ikhena

Program Manager, Azure Governance - Microsoft

Growing up in Kano, Nigeria, I realized I had a deep interest in Math and Physics pretty early on in secondary school, and this inspired me to move to New York after graduation to attend college at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I started off with a major in Electrical Engineering, and first discovered programming in my freshman year. I fell in love with the concept of being able to create experiences through software and this discovery led to my first internship as an Explorer at Microsoft, which played a pivotal role in enabling me to pursue a career in Computer Science. I ended up switching majors in my junior year and graduating with a degree in Computational Math.

Being at Microsoft has shown me the length and breadth of opportunities within tech. From having very minimal knowledge about Enterprise IT and Cloud Computing to growing technically and building features that allow our customers manage and monitor their resources in Azure and other cloud platforms - it's been such an experience! I've had the chance to work on a few teams and products in this space, and presently, I work as a program manager on the Azure Governance team.

On the side, I run a fashion blog called Nerdly Beautiful, which evolved from being a creative outlet in college to an absolute passion of mine. In addition to fashion, I am also passionate about women empowerment, gender equality and advancing technology in Africa. When I'm not working or blogging, I'm planning out my next trip with friends, cooking, or trying out new hobbies - I've been loving pottery more recently. I look forward to meeting you all and hearing about your own journeys and inspirations.

Laura Butler

Vice President of Engineering, Microsoft OneNote - Microsoft

Laura Butler is currently a Vice President of Engineering on OneNote.  As a life-long fan and power user of productivity tools, she just couldn't help being attracted by the gravitational pull of the group that owns Notes, Ink, Whiteboarding, To Dos, and Education tools.  These things are so critical to Microsoft's mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more.

Laura is a cookie-baking machine and the Cat's Pajamas as well as the first woman Technical Fellow at Microsoft.  She started at Microsoft in 1989 as an intern and followed in the footsteps of other tech mavens by dropping out of Harvard.  After shipping many versions of Windows and NetMeeting, she left Microsoft in 2000 in search of adventure. 

Startups, cooking classes, circus acrobatics, house remodeling, mountain climbing, reading the complete trilogy of Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, running marathons, and improv comedy are just a few of the things she tried.  

All of those and more came in handy when she returned to Microsoft in the summer of 2009.  She worked on Windows Phone for 3 years and led the team that created a buttery smooth User Interface, ported Direct X to the phone, and built the first Metro experience.  For 2 years after that, she was the Director of Development for Windows Phone CXE, the fast ship growth team.  Among other things, her team shipped the award-winning Lumia 1020 with the amazing 41 MP camera. 

Laura took a quick side-trip to the cloud services side of the house in the fall of 2014 and learned a lot in One Drive Share Point.  She returned to Windows in the spring of 2015 just in time to be eligible for the Windows 10 ship party.  As Director of Engineering for Windows Fundamentals, she shipped 3 versions of Windows 10 while upping the FUN and lowering the MENTAL.  In February 2017 she moved to OneNote.

Kasey Champion

Content Developer, Learning and Experiences team - Microsoft

Kim Nguyen

University Recruiter at UCSD, UCLA, UCI, Penn State, Harvey Mudd and the Claremont Colleges - Microsoft

Originally, my lifelong dream was to be Pocahontas at either Disneyland or Disneyworld, but I surpassed the height limit (5’4”) when I was 14 and had to default to the backup plan. I graduated from the University of Washington in 2012 with degrees in Computer Engineering (Software) and Electrical Engineering (Larger Scale Power Systems, Sustainable Power, Power Electronics and Electric Devices). I thought I was going to illuminate rural villages in SE Asia, but instead interned at Microsoft (PM), Google (Dev) and Amazon (Dev) back to back my last year of school and was immediately enchanted by the techy good life.

After much debate, I chose to return to Microsoft and haven’t looked back! I worked on the automated test system (BB/Oasys pride!) in Office Engineering for 1.5 years. I found myself going on so many recruiting trips that I decided to turn it into my full time job. I am obsessed with University Recruiting and love working with college students!

Outside of work, I’m the type of soccer player that almost always gets kicked off the field by the ref, but am the ultimate cheerleader and team player. I am really good at cherry picking in Ultimate Frisbee and have dreams of becoming an amateur volleyball doubles player. Looking forward to getting to know you!

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