Codess London: Let's Think Big

Thursday 26 April, 2018

Codess is coming to London!

On April 26th, you're invited to our Paddington Office to network and hear from an inspiring panel of technical women from across multiple Microsoft Teams and Development Centers from around the world.

The event will be a great chance to meet new people, learn from one another, and empower each other to think big every day!


Raji Rajagopalan

Partner Engineer - Microsoft USA

Raji is passionate about a few things: mucking with data, learning new things, and digging deep into the science behind human behavior.

At Microsoft, her mission is to empower IT professionals be the best at their jobs on their Windows devices. She runs a team of engineers who build products like Windows Analytics and Ready For Windows.

Raji’s personal mission is to give a voice to the people that need it – the unsung heroes and the quiet people of the world. An example of her side-project is running the #Insiders4Good program Africa.

You can follow her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Aida Seifi Labrosse

Principal Software Engineer - Microsoft Denmark

Aida Seifi Labrosse is a Principal Engineering Manager for Dynamics SMB Cloud Services team. Aida and her team conceptualized and drove the delivery of the releases of Dynamics SMB that has transformed the product from a monolith on premise desktop solution to a componentized world class cloud solution running on Azure. 

Aida joined Microsoft in 2003 as an intern while studying Master in Computer System Engineering at Technical University of Denmark. Since then she has had an exciting career ride starting from scratch being as an intern, then a developer, a Release Manger, a Program Manger, a Technical Lead and today an Engineering Manager working with highly talented engineers evolving an old School ERP product into cool cutting edge cloud service. 

 Besides building software Aida enjoys long distance running and rowing. She loves literature specifically Latin American magic realism. Her new interest is studying human history and evolution. Her latest fascination is the Starman in the red Tesla orbiting somewhere between Sun and Mars. 

Samia Khalid

Software Engineer - Microsoft Norway

Samia started her Microsoft journey two years ago at Microsoft Development Center Norway, after obtaining a Master’s Double-Degree in Software Engineering from KTH and Politecnico di Torino. She joined a team responsible for building graph capabilities in the ASG Substrate, core of Office 365.

Her love of Machine Learning has led her to transition into the fascinating world of ML and she is currently working on a very exciting and challenging ML project. The theoretical subjects studied at Uni, her thesis work on predicting vehicle maintenance along with the solid practical experience in Software Engineering have provided a perfect mix for being able to effectively apply ML in an organization of Microsoft’s scale.

In her free time, she also started a ML blog and you can follow her journey here.

Niamh Stockil

Software Engineer - Microsoft Ireland

Niamh studied Computer Science in University College Cork, Ireland.  While in college she interned in Microsoft Ireland as a software engineer.  Following her graduation, she came back to work as a full time software engineer.  She works with the Global Services and Experiences team within our Office Product Group, building data platforms to monitor and manage the localization of Office Products. 

Yvonne Diep

Software Engineer - Microsoft UK

Yvonne is a software engineer working in the Substrate Query Intelligence team. She started working at Microsoft last year, having previously graduated from studying a MSc in Computer Science and working for a sports betting company. Her team works with making Office365 more intelligent, so that it is much easier and faster for users to search for what they want. In this role she works in a team, which also consists of data scientists and project managers to help solve interesting and novel problems for Microsoft customers, and help to evaluate, build and test the different models we want to deploy.



Time Event
6:00 - 6:20 Registration and Drinks
6:30 - 7:10 Ted Talk Sessions
7:10 - 7:40 Keynote Speaker: Raji Rajagopalan
7:40 - 8:30 Networking and Pizza
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