#CodessEvent The Future of Work and Play

Monday 7 November, 2016

Microsoft Ireland is delighted to announce it's 6th Codess event! The theme for this event is 'The Future of Work and Play', which will be hosted in Dogpatch Labs, Custom House Quay, Dublin 1. The event will begin at 18.15pm and will come to a close at 21.30pm.

We are elated to introduce award winning game designer, Brenda Romero, to our event who will be a keynote speaker. She will discuss her 37 years of experience in the tech industry, giving you inspiration and advice to reach the top while answering any questions you may have.

In addition to this, we will have a top-class panel discussion and chance to network with like-minded people! This truly is an unmissable event - whether you're into gaming, an experienced tech professional or someone with a minor interest in the industry, please do join us!

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