Engineering forum for women

Thursday 14 November, 2013

Hotel Intercontinental Bucharest, Thursday, 14 November 2013 from 18:30 to 21:30


Everything was useful however the most useful was the trainer, she is fantastic!-I believe that everybody in MSFT can learn something from her.-I think the word can should be replaced by will.-I’m convinced that this is not due only to what she says but rather that she really is someone that people will listen to.-They will listen to her because of the way she is.-Hard to explain what I mean with that in only a few words, therefore I use the word fantastic – everybody knows what that means.” One of the best courses I ever had in MS. D

“Great session! awesome instructor” A


Bogdana Botez

Software Development Engineer - Microsoft Development Center

I am Bogdana Botez, software development engineer at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen.

I’ve graduated Politehnica in Iași, Romania, 8 years ago. As a student, I’ve also coordinated events like a jobfair and an academic summer course as part of Board of European Students of Technology organization. 3 days after graduation, I moved to Timișoara to be a telecom software developer for Alcatel-Lucent, where I stayed for 3 years. I’ve relocated to Denmark to work for Microsoft 5 years ago. In my current role, I am writing software for the ERP product called Dynamics NAV. Aside for my programmer work, I also drive the NAV Design Patterns project, based on collaboration between Microsoft employees and the Dynamics NAV community.

What drives me is curiosity and a pleasure to make things happen. In my journey across various organizations, teams, radically different technologies, and changing team roles, I have had the chance to see the deeper workings of the environments around, and to leave my mark on them.

I am looking forward to meeting you all at CODESS Bucharest in November.

Madalina Cobaleanu

You’re German Culture and Communication Coach…? So … you`re teaching German, right?” – That´s how some of my dialogs with my new colleagues start, as few of them heard about what I do. And yes, I did. My first years in higher education enlightened my life with a great teaching experience – my coachees were 3-5 years old and the most challenging ones I´ve ever had.

After getting a Diploma in German Studies I moved to Germany and discovered that Germans didn’t actually talked the same German I spoke, and some of them had less beer than I expected. My Arab, Japanese, Greek, Czech, Italian and American fellows had also very different ideas about what Germans do or not.

By the time I graduated the International M.A. in German as a Foreign Language at the Jena University, the richness of meaning within this multicultural environment had already changed my life – and I fell madly in love with sharing my experience with others. So I came back to Romania and turned my passion into a career: For the past two and a half years in Microsoft I´ve been coaching more than 60 people, from three different locations. I like to motivate others and I´m engaged in making a difference by mentoring young people.

I´m enjoying every minute of living between cultures and I visit new countries whenever I get the chance. My driving energy comes from loving people around me and my profound conviction that every person is perfect. Most of them aren’t aware of it. Yet.

Bev Baker

Director BB Seminars

Bev Baker’s background is in Psychology, Human Resources, and Personal Development. She is a trained Psycho –Therapist. She has run her own business for over 15 years and counts Microsoft, Intel and Kodak as her long term clients. She has worked with the Police, the British Royal Navy and lectures at various universities in England. She is an international speaker and trainer and has travelled in Africa, America, India, New Zealand and Europe to empower others.

Her unique selling point (USP) is making sense of the latest thinking in psychology and communications as it applies to people at work. Shifting through the jargon and theories, she translates and transforms them into business strategies and solutions, yet more importantly practical training deliveries. She provides individuals with the tools, techniques and tips they need to do their jobs more effectively and to realise their potential.

Her style is dynamic and down to earth. She is motivational, inspirational and a humorous speaker.

Camelia Blaga

Hello everybody!

My name is Camelia Blaga and I am Support Manager in Microsoft GBS (Global Business Support) organization, located in Romania. I joined Microsoft 5.5 years ago, starting as a Support Engineer, moving then to a Technical Leader role before becoming Support Manager.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Bucharest, Romania and a Master’s Degree in Economics from The Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest.

At Microsoft, I am most fortunate to having been able so far to express myself and grow richer every day with every experience, challenge and project I’ve been involved in. Each role I held so far in the Customer Service and Support Organization helped me develop towards my career goals by providing the challenges and experiences I needed.

As a Support Engineer I had the chance to travel every day…around the world, between different cultures, many languages. It was not actual travelling but working with people from many different parts of the world made it feel like it. Also, this was the role that due to the direct contact with the customer on a daily basis, allowed me to get a valuable understanding of the business.

Microsoft Services means working with people, communicating, growing. As a Technical Lead, I had opportunity to grow as a team player, enabling collaboration with other teams and gain a broader understanding of the business and the organization.

In my current position of Support Manager, as a people manager I am leading a team of 13 support engineers and I am more energized than ever by the experiences brought by working directly with the Support teams towards enabling customers and businesses and making an impact as a team.

I am inspired by the fact that as a manager, in order to be successful, you need to combine the pieces from the puzzle like: taking risks, being prepared for the unexpected, smiling when there are stressful times and obstacles to surpass, having a vision of a better future, asking yourself what is there next for the team, for the business, for the company, for the own development and what is needed to be done next in order to make a positive change for all these.

For myself, the measure for success is the progress, and with every step forward, I gather force for doing more and more every minute.

My career motto: do your best, some people may like it! And here you cannot do anything else except the best, because this is what everyone does.
On my spare time I love reading, dancing, listening to music with my friends.

Ionuţ Gaotă

Windows Business Group Manager - Microsoft Romania

Ionuţ Gaotă has an experience of over 10 years in IT&C and Telecomunications, with specializations in Strategy, Business Management, Sales & Marketing. He’s presently leading the Windows Business Group of Microsoft Romania, having as main responsibilities the marketing strategy and sales for Windows and Windows Phone, licensing and devices, across Consumer, SMB and Enterprise segments. Ionut is also looking after the integration strategy of the Windows Ecosystem through connected services and growing the market of apps with the developer communities. Previously he was responsible for the Mobility business and Telecom partnerships.

Before joining Microsoft in 2008, Ionut had roles in the local Telecom industry, in Corporate Sales, Marketing & Communication, Customer Service, having a broad view on the Romanian market.

Ionut has an Executive MBA from WU Executive Academy of Vienna University of Business and Management. He graduated the Faculty of International Business from the Academy of Economic Studies and also has a Master’s Degree in Business and Management Communication from the National School for Political & Administrative Studies (SNSPA).

He was also recognized as one the Young Leading Managers in Romania, in Business Magazin 2011.

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