Following up with our MPP Scholarship Recipients: Shreya Prabhu

Last winter, Codess sponsored eighteen women with scholarships to take part in the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) and complete the Data Science track. As the courses have come to a close, we sat down with some of the winners to find out more about their experience with the courses and how the program will shape their future.

Meet Shreya Prabhu

Shreya – in her final year as a Computer Science and Engineering student – describes herself as a "true techie at heart," and is an active participant at technical events, conferences, workshops, and hackathons. She's developed multiple open source Android apps and received a Grace Hopper Celebration India 2016 scholarship. Shreya has been interested in Data Science – and the Codess scholarship provided a great opportunity to pursue her dream of getting immersed in the field.


What was the MPP like?

The MPP requires commitment, discipline, and time management. Shreya found that while it was challenging to manage to learn something completely new in a short amount of time, the course materials were extremely organized. And as a bonus, she developed smart learning and stronger time management skills.

Another surprise? The sense of community she experienced while completing the program. Shreya received mentorship and support from the program lead, fellow scholarship recipients, and other students. With this support, along with the knowledge she acquired, Shreya has gained confidence in the field of data science. She hopes that the added value of the certification will help her pursue a career in data science and to find her dream job – which she describes as "something that would give me happiness while I work." That is a truly admirable goal! 


More about the MPP

The Microsoft Professional Program provides an opportunity for people to gain the technical skills and get the real-world experience that employers are looking for. The program features a series of online courses in various tracks, including data science, big data, and front-end web development. The self-paced courses feature expert instructors, hands-on labs and a final capstone project.

Codess is proud to partner with the MPP to provide these opportunities, along with continued community connection to women like Shreya as they pursue their careers, dreams, and futures. We hope to offer more scholarships in the future!