Codess event in Stockholm

Codess is a community for female software engineers initiated by Microsoft, with the mission of promoting gender diversity in the engineering field. Codess events are being organized all around the globe, inviting female coders to explore topics of interest, connect with other professionals and expand their horizons.
















I was a speaker at this year’s Codess Event in Stockholm – the 4th edition organized by our Microsoft Skype office, and it was a truly enriching experience. My talk covered media and signaling optimizations that we work on for Skype consumer, in order to achieve good call quality over low bandwidth networks. The entire discussion was centered around low bandwidth, with an emphasis on bandwidth estimation, which is the primary focus of my work at Microsoft. I gave a short demo to illustrate just how low low bandwidth really is. It was exciting and fun to use our new Skype Lite client for the demo, that had been presented by Satya at Future Decoder event in India, just one day before our Codess Stockholm event. Attendants got to see hands-on the impact of our engineering team and it was great to discover that many people were intrigued by the challenges we work on solving in Stockholm office.

What I loved most about this year’s event format is that participants got to choose what sessions they wish to follow. Consequently, the participants that attended my talk were truly interested in the topic and some of them even worked on solving similar problems. This resulted in many thought-provoking questions, leading to engaging discussions.

Besides the technical aspect of the event, Codess was also a great opportunity for me to connect with other software engineers and learn about their work and passions. I hope everyone at the event managed to get inspired by either a presentation they attended or by a conversation they had with another professional.

Author: Marina Ciocea, Software Engineer @Microsoft Sweden