How do we improve inclusion & encourage more women to join the tech industry?

If we received a pound for every time that question has been asked…. we’d all be millionaires!

But, at Codess, we’re determined to find an answer! Why? Because we believe that passionate people should be celebrated. Because, we think talented engineers should have the chance to work in an industry where their opinions really matter, regardless of gender, background or race. Because, we believe it’s unfair that women are deterred by a profession that offers endless opportunities and benefits. Because, tech is the future and what will our future bring if we have no women representing the products and services that we know and love? The list goes on…

So, how can we start making a change? Well, first, let’s look at some good news… employment figures for women in technology are on the rise! In fact, according to a recent study by Brazen, tech roles for women are growing 238% faster than for men. But, companies simply employing women just isn’t enough. Instead, the negative experiences women regularly face, need to change in reality. We need to offer support and advice for both employers and employees in order to create a happy and diverse working environment.

This is where you come in – we’re asking you to tell us what principles you believe are befitting of the ideal, inclusive employer and employee.

Need Inspiration?
Should employers…assign a buddy to new team members? Create diverse teams? Run regular social events?Should employees...always believe in themselves? Have an open-mind? Have an open ear to support their peers?

Whatever it is, we’d like to know!

Wondering how to participate?
To join this movement and help induce real culture change, please follow these simple steps:

1. Write your idea on a piece of paper with the hashtag #CodeOfConduct in the right hand corner

2. Snap a selfie with it

3. Post it on Twitter using the hashtag #CodeOfConduct

4. Spread the word and inspire others to get involved!

If you don’t use Twitter, don’t worry, you can still join in by sending your picture to: contact@codess.net.

Following this, we’ll be picking our top 10 favourite rules to feature in an online handbook which can be followed by people and organisations from around the world.

Looking for inspiration? Our fantastic employees at Microsoft have already stepped up to the challenge! Now it’s your turn…