#CodeOfConduct Wrap Up

Over the last few months, we launched our #CodeOfConduct campaign, which was designed with the aim to improve inclusion for women within the tech industry. We asked our talented community members to get involved     by submitting a selfie with their principle for the ideal, inclusive employer & employee. Since the launch, we have been over-whelmed with the number of diverse responses!

It’s clear that the subject of ‘inclusion’ is one that many engineers are passionate about and we think it’s important that we strive to continue promoting this. Although figures for women in tech may be on the rise, this won’t continue to improve unless     we address real culture change.From our responses, it’s clear that a number of groups can help to initiate positive development from employers to employees and even ourselves – working to change our own mind sets.

After much deliberation, we have picked our top 10 inclusive principles:




1. Amber Bush
“You can be a mom and have the career you want"        

2. Fabiola Uribe
 "Be open to new ideas”

3. Jacqui Lloyd
Principle: “Don’t assume this ring means I have a husband”

4. Helen Cammack
“Be efficient and avoid overtime where possible”

5. Leah Kendall
“Your colleagues are your BEST personal development resource"

6. Dilara Rustamza
"Eliminating gender stereotypes benefits your own business"

7. Malia Mokihana
Principle: “Embrace curiosity, change and willingness to learn”

8. DigiPen
Principle: "Eliminate unconscious bias from the application process"

9. Rocio Borda
“Empower yourself to empower others”

10. Eva Conti
Principle: “Foster a community of SUPPORT and RESPECT”


Are these the principles you would choose to live and work by? Do you think we’ve missed any crucial considerations? We’d love you to let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #CodeOfConduct.