Introduction to our #CodeCan campaign...

At Codess, we are devoted to empowering, educating and celebrating everyone who has an interest in technology. It’s time to dispose of the dated and untrue stereotypes that that suggest the tech industry is ‘boring’, ‘inflexible’ and ‘male dominated’. Instead, we have created our campaign to shine a light on the vast benefits that learning to #CodeCan bring about. Whether you’re interested in a new career, music, education, gaming or pretty much anything else, you’ll be surprised to find out how much coding can help!

We’ve met 5 incredible women who are all using code in very different ways. Check out their fantastic stories on our blog. Join our #CodeCan movement on Twitter by telling us what coding has enabled you to do…

Simonne's story...

My name is Simonne. I'm a 29-year-old artist, scientific researcher, model, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. For me, music, science, and humanitarian efforts are inextricably linked. In 2013, I was accepted into the Redbull Music Academy and completed a six-month artist residency where I constructed midi-controlled LED paintings. Recently, I signed with Vertigo Berlin and will be issuing my debut album.

What inspired you to get into coding?

I first started learning about code when I was given a Raspberry Pi for my birthday. At my artist residency, I was awarded a space to build and create anything I wanted, so I built a little constellation that integrated visual arts, music, and science. The project became more involved than I had ever imagined. With my best friend Nick Squires (an engineer at the Boeing Aerospace division), we built a light installation that was both motion and midi controlled, in order to trigger LEDs inside a painting installation. 

What cool project have you/are you working on?

Right now, I am focused on finishing my music record, which I am engineering and producing at my home studio. I collected field recordings from the Amazon and use them in my work. I also use star frequencies turned into audio waves to use as instruments in many of my songs. There’s more details on both of these here :)

What do you think of Codess?

I am so happy that the people at Codess are passionate about bridging the access gap between women and technology! I am often confused as just a singer rather than an engineer, tech advocate and producer, just because I am a woman. 

What advice would you give to aspiring engineers who are not sure whether they should join the industry?

Understanding coding is likely to become a way of life in a hundred years, because our lives are so heavily based on digital technology. Being a part of that progression is one of the most rewarding things you can do, as the possibilities to transform humanity are limitless.  

Do you think coding is important?

Everyone should learn to code. It is our future. It would not be surprising to me if someone told me in a hundred years that children will code in schools more than they practice handwriting.


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