Introduction to our #CodeCan campaign...

At Codess, we are devoted to empowering, educating and celebrating everyone who has an interest in technology. It’s time to dispose of the dated and untrue stereotypes that that suggest the tech industry is ‘boring’, ‘inflexible’ and ‘male dominated’. Instead, we have created our campaign to shine a light on the vast benefits that learning to #CodeCan bring about. Whether you’re interested in a new career, music, education, gaming or pretty much anything else, you’ll be surprised to find out how much coding can help!

We’ve met 5 incredible women who are all using code in very different ways. Check out their fantastic stories on our blog. Join our #CodeCan movement on Twitter by telling us what coding has enabled you to do…

Raluca's story...

I am Raluca, 23, and I am currently completing my studies with an MSc degree at UCL in Web Science and Big Data Analytics.I had the incredible opportunity to take part in an internship at Microsoft Bing in London, where I worked as a software development engineer and was surrounded by amazing people and great projects. 

What inspired you to get into coding?

I was really lucky to be encouraged by my parents to choose a high school in Romania that specialised in mathematics and informatics. It's here where my interest first started...whatever I imagined would be the right solution for a problem, I would translate it from thoughts to code, compile it, run it and it would show me the right solution straight away. This fascinated me. 


How has coding positively affected your life?

By far the coolest project I've ever worked on was during my placement year at Microsoft! I shipped the project I worked on to all of Bing's markets and it is still alive and well. It is called the inline answers and they appear in the auto-suggest experience on Bing's search box. Implemented for six different scenarios, it shows up for example on weather queries as a container on top of the regular suggestions, displaying a weather icon, along with temperature and weather data. 


Have you ever combined your love for coding with wider interests/hobbies?

Yes! There are so many areas you can touch with coding. Literally anything you can think of…that's the most exciting thing! 

I like to work on projects that benefit others which is why i'm currently tackling the optimisation of online video streaming for educational platforms in sub-Saharan Africa.

Tech is ubiquitous. If you're passionate about health, there is bioinformatics, if you're interested in games, astronomy, automobiles, finance, anything now has a programmable component. 


Have you been to a Microsoft Codess event? What was your experience like?

Yes, I have been to the one organised at Lift London last month. It was an absolutely amazing evening. I was so inspired and amazed…each speaker had mind-blowing presentations and luckily, all topics were extremely relevant for my current interests!





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