Dona’s Roadshow Blog: #CodessOXF

Day Four: Friday 20th February
Location: Oxford

Our last stop was at University of Oxford. I was excited since it’s the oldest learning institute on earth! The talk was sponsored by OxWOCS (Oxford Women of Computer Science) where again the audience was a mix of men and women.

We had some different questions out of this session such as: I am an electrical engineer and only starting doing software development. Do you think there is opportunity for me at companies like Microsoft?

We spent quite a bit of time discussing the importance of being a software engineer, how there has never been a better time to be a coder and how there are literally thousands of software jobs at non-software companies. For example: BMW is looking desperately for software security experts to help find key issues before they release more “self-driving” car varieties.

A fun learning was that Oxford and Cambridge is having a joint OXBridge Tech Conference and they really want more Microsoft presence there this year and next talking about Software Engineering, UX Design, Shipping Services and Careers.

That’s it of the Roadshow, but make sure you come tomorrow to find out what Dona discovered on her trip.