Dona’s Roadshow Blog: #CodessLDN

Day one: Monday 16th February
Location: London

The talk I chose to give was:
“You Had me at Hello, World: 1:1 Mentoring with the Leaders of Tech” Together we will walk through 5 pieces of advice with practical examples and suggestions they shared with her, along with a preview of what the next 10 years of tech will bring.

First up, I gave the talk at the University of London - Imperial College’s Computer Science department. The talk was sponsored by the Women in Computer Science, but interestingly, we had about 100 men and 2 women attend. This was extra-funny because college recruiting had ordered 50 women sized Codess t-shirts. Hey, the guys got to experience what it’s time to be a woman at tech events with 50 giant men’s sized tees. Happily, we had tons of other swag as well as pizza & drinks.

I received a very heartwarming email from one of the students who attended the talk. “I'm used to being quite outspoken and confident about who I am and what I think, and I can't thank you enough for giving me some inspiration and an image of what I could be if I step up and work hard and don't let all of my insecurities get to my head.”

Next up was a visit to Researcher and Lecturer Benny Lo at the Imperial College Robotic Surgery Department. Mr. Lo is a long-time friend of one of my Microsoft colleagues. This was a fascinating visit to see what the latest in robotic surgery was trending toward (surgery BY robots, not on robots). For example, a world-renowned doctor in Singapore can perform a surgery through robots on patients in London. Robots are so much more precise than humans! We didn’t take any pictures due to confidentiality. This department houses some of the greatest minds in futuristic uses of tech in other industries and it definitely behooves corporations to engage early and often to understand how to partner effectively to provide opportunities for these engineers to succeed. Find our more here:

Come back tomorrow to find out about Dona’s trip to Edinburgh.