Dona’s Roadshow Blog: #CodessEDI

Day two: Wednesday 18th February
Location: Edinburgh

The U.K. recruiter, Lauri Lambert and I then made a trip up to Scotland to the University of Edinburgh. Scotland is *stunning*. I was amazed at how every building looked like a historical castle—even grocery stores!

Our first event in Scotland was my talk sponsored by Edi Hoppers (the Uni of Edinburg women’s group). We had about 45 people turn up, both men and women and they asked some very good questions including, “How should we go about setting up a “Lean-In” Circle?” and “What is the next big thing for Microsoft?” I appreciated the “afternoon tea” snacks at this event a lot as well as the swag!

Our second event in Scotland was a coding contest sponsored called MSFT3c. Teams of 1-4 students answered a series of technical questions in any language they chose, giving a hint as to what technical interview questions look like. Some of the questions were quite complex, like “XYZ” is a Search token. Find all of the results in this giant file that search token would return. I even found myself participating in this contest because of some of the interesting questions. I have to admit I had to look up the algorithms of parsing a binary search tree—it’s been a while! The winner received Microsoft mice and keyboards and a XBOX One was also raffled. The top question I got here was around the release date of the HoloLens dev kit (which I, of course, declined to answer!). We made our way back to London that evening. 

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