Dona’s Roadshow Blog: #CodessCMB

Day Three: Thursday 19th February
Location: Cambridge

The next day, Lauri and I took the train out to University of Cambridge and made our way to the William Gates building where the Computer Science department lived. We met with a member of the Natural Language Processing department who told us a lot about the verbal text analysis work they were doing. This was really interesting as being able to speak to machines (a la Cortana, HoloLens, Internet of Things, just within Microsoft) is becoming more and more important.  

I gave my talk to about 60 students and faculty. Some great questions arose:  “Say I have nothing to say to someone, but I want to build a relationship with them. What do I do?”  I also got several emails from students afterward where they applied the advice we gave:

“I found your talk very enjoyable, insightful and motivating, which was much needed at the halfway point of the term. You've also given me an idea for a personal project; software to keep track of network contacts. Once I flesh out the idea a bit I'll probably get back in touch for ideas and advice.”

“Great talk today at the Cambridge Computer Lab. Wish we had more of these earlier in the program - I completed my undergraduate studies here, having done only 1 presentation in front of the class! A majority of my coursemates will graduate adept at technical skills and yet unable or unwilling to grab opportunities and advance themselves.

Tomorrow is our final stop of the Roadshow in Oxford for #CodessOXF – don’t miss it.