Why I started Codess

I decided to start Codess after a terrible experience when I first began my Cognitive Science degree. I remember very clearly being the only female in my class, feeling alienated when it came to choosing teams for group projects and debating in class discussions. When I was at University I didn't have the support I required to keep going with software engineering, I didn't know the career opportunities available should I have continued along that path.

Joining Microsoft gave me the opportunity to make a difference, I was able to gain insight and knowledge of how truly exciting the engineering industry can be, and Microsoft inspired me to start Codess. It was my mission to ensure women today and in the future are given the advice and support they need to feel inspired about a career in engineering.


Cheryl White posted on 12 May 2014


Natalie Rideout posted on 12 May 2014

Great work Alexa !

Adalyn Johnson posted on 09 Oct 2014

Alexa, I just wanted to thank you for starting Codess. I stumbled upon your Blog a few days ago and have been on it ever since. Reading some of these articles have helped me focus on the more important things (like programming). I get so worked up about what happens during class, the things that students and professors say to me that I just cannot focus on my work. Thank you again, I cannot tell you how encouraging this blog is! Thank you, Adalyn

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