A day in the life of a Video Streaming PM #CodessAV

With millions of connected users and billions minutes of voice and video conversations, Skype is considered as the pioneer and the world leading voice and video application.

The key of this success relies in its primary modules: Audio and Video

I am a Program Manager of the video steaming team in the Lync-Skype division working on Video related features such as video streaming, packetization, error recovery, video data statistics reporting, and more.

Skype video features varies from point-to-point video calls to screen sharing and group video calls.

In order to guarantee an optimal user experience, each of these features requires a specific protocol requirement and video specifications.

The Video streaming team aims at ensuring the optimal way of delivering the data for all Skype video related features. Its focus is to allow Skype deliver the highest quality, with the least losses, in the smoothest way, and with the lowest delay.

To achieve this goal and keep the video quality as good as possible, video features are continuously and intensively tested over all supported platforms using automated test suites. Additionally, continuous feedback is ensured as quality data are systematically collected and analyzed allowing efficient monitoring and performance tracking.

As a Program Manager, I am responsible for creating project plans in line with Microsoft strategy and prioritizing the several tasks outlined from these plans.

Understanding and defining the priorities is key for my role. Priorities depend on the company global strategy, on the impact on the video project delivery and on dependencies and blocking issues for other Skype projects and consumers.

Communication is the other key aspect of my Program Manager role. Through regular discussions and meeting, I ensure that the Video streaming team is aware of the company strategy and priorities. I guarantee all team members share the same understanding on the work to be done. I gather the information on the estimates, the work status, the dependencies and the impediments that the team is facing.  Finally, Communication with stakeholders and consumers is critical to keeping them informed, supportive, and enthusiastic.

Nesrine Changuel, phd
MDS Client Video Streaming Program Manager
Lync& Skype Division, Microsoft Sweden