Hello, World! – Is anybody out there?

Isn't it ironical that the first program that most programming languages start with is the program that displays this little word combination of: Hello World!

At the same time when you think about it, it’s also the most suitable word combination, as learning to code really does open up the opportunities in life and helps you say “hello” to the World in your own unique way!

Be it then through writing a program or by opening doors for someone else if you’re shy yourself and rather get a monitor suntan in a dark corner of the room!

As I'm not shy nor a fan of monitor suntan therefore I think it’s only suitable, that I introduce myself to the “world” as well as I plan on staying here for a while and you should know who’s the woman and voice behind the scenes programming the “code” that forms into a blog-post every now and then or shows up on the stage at Codess events!

Who am I?


My name is Kaisa and I'm located in Tallinn, Estonia. I work for Skype Engineering Learning & Development team as an operations specialist running Technical Exchange Program (series of internal and external tech talks that promote and support sharing technical knowledge, challenges and findings) and help run coordination for technical trainings. Also, I should mention that I happened to be the hostess for the Tallinn Codess event that we had back in March. I am known for my purple hair (that pretty much defines me!) and have secret passion for graphic design!

Although I don’t code much, yet (but am bound to learn very soon !) and by the looks of it am just slightly on the edge of engineering field… I'm passionate about sharing knowledge – be it then on coding or programming, engineering topics or simple values of life. I've studied architecture and graphic design and therefore I enjoy the most on contributing things that help me be creative: writing, singing, creating music, drawing and illustrating. The way I see it, the more I know, the more I share, the more all those actions help me create beautiful things into this world that make other people smile. Sharing is caring – so let’s do it!

What I hope to bring to this blog?

Being a self-development geek, I find myself constantly stumbling on a lot of inspiring talks and articles on productivity, efficiency, design, presenting and pitching, start-ups and always try to find ways how all that knowledge would contribute to my own work and to others. I like collecting information as much as I love sharing the knowledge with others or piling up the information into numerous catalogs and folder systems in my computer. By contributing to this blog I’d like to blow some dust off those findings and put them into good use!

My mission is to empower you, broaden your views on the world, give hints on where to find different technical resources, introduce opportunities for learning programming and coding, sharing information of local techie women gatherings and most of all… to support you as a community of women. On more than one occasion I’ll also be bringing in other interesting, powerful, go-getter women into the pages of this blog so that they can blow some wind into your wings and inspire you to reach for bigger mountains as well.

With that I’ll leave you to my “Hello, World!” – a song that I wrote a year ago for an Estonian Youth Band competition! That should beat the “I don’t know coding, yet” fact for now, right?