From Programming to Program Manager: How one engineer found her dream job by combining her passions.


Meet Harshitha Murthy, Program Manager on the Commercial Surface team, and hear how pursuing her passion for engineering led her to Microsoft.

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Following up with our MPP Scholarship Recipients: Holly Peck


We sat down with Holly Peck, one of our Codess & Microsoft Professional Program scholarship winners, to find out more about her experience with the data science track and how the program is shaping her future.

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Following up with our MPP Scholarship Recipients: Shreya Prabhu


Last winter, eighteen applicants received a Codess-sponsored scholarship to the Data Science track of the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP). As the courses have come to a close, we sat down with some of the winners to find out more about their experience with the courses and how the program will shape their future.

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Why I started Codess

Alexa Glick.PNG

I decided to start Codess after a terrible experience when I first began my Cognitive Science degree. I remember very clearly being the only female in my class, feeling alienated when it came to choosing teams for group projects and debating in class discussions.

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Career Development – Identifying Opportunities for Professional Growth


In light of Career Development month, I thought it would be important to highlight some of the key ingredients for professional growth. Keep in mind that career development is not always about moving up in an organization but more about being open-minded and able to identify opportunities for growth. Below are 5 ways to be sure you aren't missing out on any professional development opportunities.

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Garage48 Pärnu through the eyes of a wannabe designer

Garage48 logo

Low and behold, this time I’m writing on my own experience as a designer that participated in an event we promoted here as well earlier – Garage48 Pärnu start-up weekend. This time I managed to collect the random yet enthusiastic pieces of my courage together and finally registered for an event that changed my perception of engineering and innovation related events.

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Women engineers can give it a go at Garage48 Pärnu

Have you heard about Garage48 Start-up weekends? People are often afraid to start their own project or business. Common problems include lack of know-how and co-founders, lack of money, unknown risks etc. Garage48 was created to change that mindset and show that it’s all about positive “let’s do it” attitude, creative team members and a motivating deadline. Less talk, more action!

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The first programmer was a woman?


Have you heard, that the first programmer was a woman – Ada Lovelace? Ada Lovelace, was an English mathematician and writer chiefly known for her work on Charles Babbage’s early mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine. The Analytical Engine was a proposed mechanical general-purpose computer designed by English mathematician Charles Babbage.

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Tech Sisters + Rails Girls = ?


Remember that time when I told you that I’ll be working on that “not knowing how to cut code” thing? Well I did. Rails Girls Tallinn (#3 already) was a two day programming workshop for girls and women that want to get started with tech and it took place in 26-27 of April in Tallinn Garage48 HUB – a community led coworking space and was organized by a local community called Tech Sisters in collaboration with Rails Girls.

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Ever heard about Rails Girls?


Neither had I until they started organizing Ruby on Rails coding events for women in Tallinn together with a local community called Tech Sisters and stirred up the local tech scene. They’ve been around Tallinn already 3 times and if the good feedback continues to flow in will be around here at least once more.

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Hello, World! – Is anybody out there?


Isn't it ironical that the first program that most programming languages start with is the program that displays this little word combination of: Hello World! At the same time when you think about it, it’s also the most suitable word combination, as learning to code really does open up the opportunities in life and helps you say “hello” to the World in your own unique way!

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How I succeeded as a woman in engineering: Cassandra Cole at TEDxUW

She’s definitely not your typical woman in engineering, instead she’s a model, a dancer, a designer, a mechanical engineering student and team lead of the Waterloo formula motorsports team all at once and has been going great at it. Against all odds, even medical ones, she took upon herself to create a bucket list for herself to approach life like a motorcycle, going all out and do whatever life throws at her feet.

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How it all happened: Codessin Tallinn!

Codess in Tallinn.jpg

Our mission with Codess is to support the increase of diversity in the engineering field. “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ~Francis of Assisi. With that said, we felt that it is important to have a forum for women to share their personal experiences in climbing the engineering career ladder, giving advice on what knowledge they have gained through their experiences and to learn from one another.

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