What are we about?

Codess is a community for female coders initiated by Microsoft.  Codess was established to explore ways to promote gender diversity in the engineering field. 

Read this interview with some smart #BOT builders: https://t.co/d6cUioFGG0 #WomenInTech pic.twitter.com/ERrVBcxAGd

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Our mission

Codess aims to inspire female coders and help them achieve their professional goals. Through networking events, mentoring and sharing advice and experiences, we hope to offer a forum to women unlike any other.

Why join?

Ever wanted to challenge established thinking about women in your industry? Now is your chance. We love meeting tech-savvy people and invite you to share your passion for technology and join the Codess community. Your involvement could provide inspiration and mentoring opportunities for those who are navigating their career, as well as, helping source ideas to empower you and your organization.

Where are we?

Codess delivers a series of worldwide events and workshops from academia through to the executive level. With events across Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and the US, Codess is continuously growing and servicing the International engineering communities.